Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today's offering from the Giveaway of the Day website is MultiSet, a tool that automates installation of multiple programs. 

Working with the same concept of a macro recorder, MultiSet monitors and records installation programs as you click through those "Next" and "I Agree" buttons and type in long registration codes. You then have the option of burning a CD and running the recorded actions again, this time automatically, on a new PC or a new installation of Windows. 

Unfortunately, you must ensure that old versions of the software you install do not exist on the system. The software won't be able to respond to a "Older version found. Do you want to upgrade the installation?" message. 

This software would be useful if you frequently install the same set of software on multiple machines. Home users who don't reinstall Windows often probably won't need this.

Grab it while the offer is still on at


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Just saw your comment on GOTD. Interesting blog.

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