Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This lightweight file finder searches through everything on your hard drive, and it does that with impressive speed. Only NTFS drives are supported though, and I converted one FAT32 partition I still had on my hard disk to make full use of its speed.

Do note that it does not index the contents of files like Google Desktop, Copernic, or even Windows' own search tool. But what it does is index and filters file names very quickly. An index of 110 000 files on my system required seconds to build. Subsequent updates were virtually instant.

Everything (I know its name sounds weird) is the prefect tool if you want to retrieve a file buried somewhere and whose name you know. For filtering by date/file size ranges, take a look at Locate32, also freeware.


Anonymous said...

This is excellent. I, too had to convert a new Western Digital 640 gig external drive that was pre-formatted to FAT, for some odd reason, to NTFS when I found that "Everything" wasn't finding stuff on that drive. No problem at all. Files can be manipulated (deleted, name change, etc.) from within the program, which saves fiddling around with Windows' Explorer, which can be a bit pedestrian at times. It also shows the back-ups, as well, of course. Lightning fast, also.

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