Thursday, January 22, 2009

FileMenu Tools

FileMenu Tools brings together an impressive collection of context menu enhancements into just one entry in the menu that appears when you right click on files and folders.

Some of these enhancements are almost full utilites by themselves. Take for example the built-in batch file renamer that allows you to find and replace text, insert dates/times and tidy up filenames. It even lets you save frequently used renaming templates as profiles. Only manipulatiion of filenames are supported though, so no tagging of music files based on filenames etc.

The "Shred files" option overwrites files up to 35 times using the Gutmann method, erasing any sensitive files. Also handy would be the "Copy path" function, which copies the selected file's location. If you select more than one file, it copies all their full paths too.

FileMenu Tools allows you to customise the exisiting entries on the context menus or add new commands. I created an entry that opens the selected file inside a hex editor without much difficulty. The program does not support removing entries for specific extensions (e.g. "Play" for media files) - for that you can use ShellMenuView (for more advanced users only).

A item for the wish-list would be folder bookmarks/ favourites, for quick navigation, and perhaps throw in "move to" options for these bookmarked folders. Creating copy to/move to targets is possible, but not straightforward in FileMenu Tools. Something along the lines of FileTargets would be nice.

In a nutshell, FileMenu Tools provides a useful set of tools without cluttering context menus. (Which may not be the case if you install different utilities to get the same functionalities it provides). It definitely deserves a "Top App" award.


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