Saturday, November 7, 2009

Black Mozaic Skin for Nitrogen Player

Hi, I've been working on some other stuff instead of writing reviews of some of my favourite software. Anyway, I've just got a Samsung Omnia i900 and have been playing around with it. Here's a skin I've made for Nitrogen Player (for smartphones running Windows Mobile).

Special Instructions:

Tap left/right side of volume bar to change volume.
Tap top centre zone to minimize player.

Download from WMSkins

Download from Mediafire


Andrew said...

Hey man, saw your skin in the Nitrogen Skins thread, and felt like commenting over here...

Nice freakin job!!! That actually looks very Zune-like, even if you didn't intend to make it that way. Well, I've never given props to a Nitrogen skinner before, but you did an amazing job :)

APPitizer said...


Thanks for the nice words. Yup, it's heavily inspired by the Zune and r04d5t3r's Minimalism in Black skin. His is the best skin for WQVGA devices IMO.

Nabeel Ahmed said...

Hi APPitizer, your download link for WMSkins is incorrect. Please use this link instead

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